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National funding for security research

To date, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has published 26 calls for proposals within the “Research for civil security” funding programme.

Current calls for proposals

Closed calls for proposals

The following calls for proposals published by the BMBF within the “Research for civil security” programme are now closed:

Projects funded by the BMBF

 To date, the BMBF has provided funding for numerous joint projects. Questions to do with "scenario-based security research" are being explored in the following fields:

Issues concerning "cross-sectional-oriented security research" are being examined in the following fields:

Two more calls for proposals have been published in the field of "Social aspects of security research". This research is interested in interdisciplinary questions regarding social acceptance, embedding and potential consequences of innovative security solutions. A total of 22 projects have been approved in this field.  

21 projects have been approved under the "KMU-innovativ" funding programme for innovative SMEs. 

Bilateral cooperation

Since civil security issues are not just about challenges facing Germany, German project partners work in collaboration with researchers in other countries, among them France, India, Israel and the US. Information on international cooperation in civil security research and the projects approved in that area can be found here.

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    Hightech Strategy

    Research Programme for Civil Security

    The purpose of the Federal Government's security research programme is to develop innovative solutions that increase civil security while maintaining a good balance between security and freedom. What makes the programme special is that, rather than just being concerned with technology, it includes innovative organisational approaches and strategies for action. The success of the security research programme depends on interdisciplinary projects, knowledge transfer to the general public, social science research on data protection and ethics and transparency. The programme is also integrated in a European framework.
     read more: Research Programme for Civil Security
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    Hightech Strategy

    Overview of Research Projects

    The BMBF calls for proposals in the field of security research received a great response. This section provides information on the research projects, divided into “scenario-based” and “cross-sectional-oriented” security research and the funding areas of “KMU-Innovativ” (for innovative SMEs) and “International cooperation”. The projects examine technological and societal issues in context.
     read more: Overview of Research Projects
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    Security Research Map

    One of the ways in which the Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports the networking of stakeholders in the field of security research (including companies and research establishments in Germany) is the SecurityResearchMap.
     read more: Security Research Map

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