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German National Competition "Art Students Exhibit Their Work"

Since 1984, this competition has been giving art students a regular opportunity to present the variety and quality of training at the 24 German colleges of art. The exhibition has been held every two years at the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Bonn since 1994 and provides new artists with the opportunity to exhibit their work under professional conditions. 20,000 euros in prize money, along with two scholarships for the art house Schloss Wiepersdorf, are awarded each competition. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds the competition, which is organized by the Deutsche Studentenwerk.

What are the objectives of the competition?

The National Competition offers young artists in Germany an opportunity to make their mark in the field of art. The competition gives them the relevant experience in running an exhibition and in dealing with media critics. It also encourages contacts with galleries and art associations and promotes an exchange of experience with other participants.

Who can participate?

The competition takes place every two years. It is addressed towards students in the higher semesters of all 24 German art colleges which are members of the Standing Conference of Rectors of German Colleges of Art. These colleges each nominate two students (or in exceptional cases teams) to take part in the exhibition following an internal selection procedure.

What tasks are set?

Participants may submit any type of work in the fine arts on the basis of the call for entries. There are no further specifications regarding genre. The number and size of the works depend on the exhibition area available.

How is the contest conducted?

The German Student Services Association is responsible for organizing the competition on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In the year prior to the exhibition it issues an invitation to all the German art colleges which are eligible to take part, asking them to nominate participants. A jury is appointed. This selects the winners of the "Fine Art Prizes of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research" and of two scholarships.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides prize money of 20,000 euros. The jury determines the number of prizes and the level of the prize money. In addition, two scholarships are awarded for a three-month stay at the "Art House", Wiepersdorf Castle near Berlin. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue and an internet presentation. These have a positive influence even after the exhibition has closed.

Who organizes the contest?

Deutsches Studentenwerk e.V.
Monbijouplatz 11
10178 Berlin
Tel.: 030-29 77 27-0
Fax: 030-29 77 27-99

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