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Cooperation with European Countries

Cooperation with European countries is one of Germany's top priorities. A major part of this cooperation is multilateral and aims to actively shape the European Research Area. Bilateral cooperation focuses on establishing and developing partnerships between stakeholders in the research community, facilitating coordination processes at all levels, and promoting the generation of synergy between projects and partners. Joint initiatives and the identification of topics that are of mutual interest contribute to European strategy development and to shaping the European Research Area.

These activities are aimed in particular at implementing the Federal Government's Internationalization Strategy in European countries, mainly by fostering research cooperation with the world's best and making the most of innovation potential through cooperation. Cooperation with European countries is particularly strong when it comes to implementing the BMBF's funding programmes. Networking and research cooperation instruments (for example, a call encouraging cooperation by partners in the Baltic Sea countries) and joint events like research and innovation forums serve to strengthen the cooperative relations with European partners. The "International Cooperation in Education and Research – The Central, Eastern and Southeastern European Region" programme is an important instrument in the BMBF's cooperation with eastern European countries, as it provides funding for preparatory projects in the areas of applied research, development and education.

In recent years, the BMBF and the science and research institutions it supports have expanded their cooperation and contributed to an intensification of collaboration in research and education by introducing new agreements and instruments.

The bilateral activities are supplementary to the European programmes and initiatives, particularly those of the Seventh Research Framework Programme, EUREKA and COST. The integration of the western Balkan countries (WBC) into the European Research Area is supported in particular by European network projects such as the WBC INCO Net and the Southeast Europe ERA Net, which involve the participation of the BMBF as well as partner ministries and institutions from numerous European countries.

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