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Beyond the Classroom: Youth Competitions Offer More

National competitions offer young people different opportunities than regular classroom work for realizing their ideas and discovering their talents. This applies in particular to scientific experiments and technological developments and, of course, to the areas of art, culture and music. In order to arouse young people's interest in science and research, the BMBF supports a variety of competitions.

Youth competitions set new goals for academic studies by young people. The great interest in the BMBF-funded competitions and the numerous - and impressive - submissions show how much curiosity and talent our schools can boast. Special talents are given special support: In the competitions, young people can discover the appeal and fascination of science, academia and research. Successful participation in such competitions can help young people obtain a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation).

Youth competitions promote talent. They young people discover strengths and potential areas of study. Many former prizewinners feel that participation in competition was of great importance for their academic careers. But this long-term effect has less to do with the subject of the competition; prizewinners benefitted most from the experiences they were able to gain by persevering in the face of specific problems, organizing their own work, and coping with frustration.

Youth Competitions in the field of Cultural Education

Youth Competitions in the field of Natural Sciences

Further Youth Competitions

  • Education

    German National Foreign Language Competition

    Be it in Latin, English, French or Japanese – school students and trainees with a talent and enthusiasm for foreign languages can find a huge selection of competitions in the German National Foreign Language Competition, which is funded by the BMBF.
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  • Education

    Competition for Democratic Citizenship

    The BMBF has been funding the Competition for Democratic Citizenship since 1989. It is open to all general schools in Germany. The motto of the competition is “Said and Done!”. The competition seeks examples of democracy both inside and outside of schools. School students are called upon to submit topics and projects which strengthen independent democratic action.
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  • Education

    European Competition

    The European Competition is rich in tradition. It is a creative, topical competition relating to the activities of the European Union. School students of all ages can submit creative, artistic or written pieces of work. In addition to the subject areas of German and the fine arts, the BMBF-funded competition also invites entries from other subject areas such as history, political science, geography, religion and ethics. Cooperation with European partners or partner schools on competition projects in strongly encouraged.
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