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Funding Intercompany Training Centres

The BMBF funds intercompany training centres to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to provide training in a recognized training occupation. Solutions to training problems which cannot be solved by individual SMEs can often be found at the intercompany level. Furthermore, intercompany training centres can develop into competence centres.

What is funded?

Funding is provided for intercompany training centres which offer training programmes which supplement training in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These measures, which supplement company training, usually run over a period of four to six weeks within the three-year training period for the skilled trades or over a period of 26 weeks in the building sector.

In addition, intercompany training centres (ÜBS) conduct measures for upgrading qualifications, first and foremost for instructors in companies.
There is a growing demand for intercompany training as a result of the creation of new and the further development of existing training occupations, the stronger interlinkage of initial and continuing vocational education and training, as well as additional qualification needs, in particular in the area of new techniques and technologies.

Who is funded?

Applications may be submitted by all providers organized under public or private law if the conditions of the funding regulations and the principles of funding of the BMBF and the BIBB are met.

How is the funding done?

Support usually takes the form of non-repayable grants for investment costs and, in the case of funding for competence centres, of grants for staff and expenses limited to three years.

The BMBF is funding competence centres in particular. The development of intercompany training centres into competence centres can be funded with grants up to 50 per cent - and in structurally weak regions with grants up to 65 per cent - of the expenses eligible for funding in line with the applicable framework plan of the joint task "Improving the regional economic structure." Providers are usually required to contribute a minimum of 25 per cent - or 10 per cent in structurally weak regions.
All other intercompany training centres funding is provided at a rate of up to 45 per cent in the old Länder and up to 60 per cent in the structurally weak regions including the new Länder.

Application for funding

Applications are to be made to the
Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung
Robert-Schumann-Platz 3
53175 Bonn.
Further information is available here (in German only).

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