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Focusing on tomorrow's lead markets today

Focusing on tomorrow's lead markets today

Germany is preparing for the future: to be able to meet the great challenges of the 21st century, the Federal Government has launched the "High-Tech Strategy for Germany". Thanks to this strategy, pathbreaking research projects are being initiated, innovations are being financed, and state-of-the-art technologies are being developed to market maturity. This is creating markets with great potential for growth as well as international competitive advantages. We want cutting-edge technology "made in Germany" to continue to enjoy an excellent reputation across the world!
The great societal challenges of our time require our immediate attention. Especially in difficult times like these, demand for innovations will focus on the areas of health, climate and resource protection, energy, mobility and security. But key technologies such as nanotechnology, microsystems technology and biotechnology are also important drivers of innovation. The Federal Government has recognized this and chosen the priorities of the High-Tech Strategy accordingly. With the help of a targeted research and innovation policy, we want to gain international competitive advantages.

Germany's economy is in an excellent position to achieve this. In recent years, energy and environmental technologies as well as medical technology products from Germany have done very well on the international markets. The High-Tech Strategy is enhancing existing strengths and providing incentives for innovation. In this way, we are ensuring that international demand for products, technologies and services "made in Germany" will continue to be high in the future.

The first important steps have already been taken, and the first new ideas have already been ignited.
  • High-Tech for Health and Quality of Life

    Health and High-Tech - how do they go together? Health research and biotechnology play an important role in the High-Tech Strategy. This has led to Germany occupying a top place internationally in many areas. Despite intensive research, the causes of many diseases are still unknown. This is just one of the questions which the High-Tech Strategy sets out to solve in the field of health research.
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  • Climate protection, resource protection, energy

    The world's climate is changing dramatically: we are seeing melting glaciers, extreme drought periods and natural disasters. We have to do something to protect our climate, for example through environmentally friendly energy. There are many ways in which electricity can be generated in an ecologically responsible way: geothermal energy, wind energy and solar power are only a few examples. That is why research and development in the area of forward-looking technologies that contribute to climate protection is one of the priorities of the High-Tech Strategy. The aim is to cover Germany's energy demand while at the same time improving climate protection in order to preserve an environment worth living in.
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  • The safety and security of citizens is a top priority

    As a modern industrialized nation, Germany is facing increased security demands. The number of threats is rising everywhere in the world, and we need to respond to problems such as terrorism, organized crime, and natural and environmental disasters. The Federal Government wants to protect social and technological infrastructure in a way that is ethically acceptable. The aim is to protect the complex supply systems and communication networks and safeguard global mobility with the help of innovative technologies.
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  • Mobility of the future - demand-oriented and sustainable

    Traffic is increasing, but the space available for traffic is limited. We therefore urgently need technological solutions - also to reduce the environmental impact and increase safety for all road users. The Federal Government wants to increase the efficiency of transport networks by means of intelligent transport systems and at the same time to make an active contribution to climate protection by developing alternative propulsion systems for vehicles. The aim is to ensure global mobility and make Germany as an important transit country the most modern logistics hub in Europe.
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