The Budget of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The budget of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research continues to rise. This shows: Education and research take high priority.

The German Parliament, the Bundestag, has adopted the Federal Government’s 2017 budget, increasing the financial resources available to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research by almost 1.2 billion euros to about 17.6 billion euros. This means an increase of 7.6 percent compared to the previous year and will further strengthen education and research.

The budget for 2017 will be roughly 1.2 billion euros bigger than in 2016. The increase of about 7.6 percent demonstrates that education and research continue to be a major priority of the Federal Government.

The Federal Government is a dependable partner of the research community: Basic funding for science and research institutions will increase by 3 percent per year under the Pact for Research and Innovation. The Federal Government alone will provide this extra funding. Institutional research funding will total about 5.9 billion euros in 2017.

The universities will also benefit from continued and increased funding by the Federal Government:

The successful approach of funding cutting-edge research at German universities that started under the Excellence Initiative will be continued beyond 2017 on the basis of the amended Article 91b of Germany’s Basic Law. The new follow-up programme, the Excellence Strategy, will support German clusters and universities of excellence in future.

Another central programme which was adopted jointly by the Federal Government and the Länder is the initiative to promote young scientists. This programme will further raise the attractiveness and competitiveness of the German science system by establishing roughly 1,000 additional tenure track professorships in Germany’s higher education system.

The recently adopted “Innovative University” funding initiative is aimed at universities of applied sciences and small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. This initiative will support the research-based transfer of ideas, knowledge and technologies at German institutions of higher education and strengthen the strategic role they play in regional innovation systems.

Around 2.5 billion euros will be provided to the Länder for additional university places in 2017 under the Higher Education Pact. We will once again invest 200 million euros under the Quality Pact for Teaching in 2017. Moreover, 60 million euros have been earmarked for the third year of the National Programme to Improve the Quality of Teacher Training.

The Federal Government promotes and shapes the digital transformation with its Digital Agenda. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research carries out a number of measures under the Digital Agenda:

We provide innovation funding to strengthen research and technological development particularly in the areas of microelectronics, service research, big data, high performance computing, cybersecurity and medical informatics.

We will provide over 14 million euros p.a. in funding for digital learning opportunities and new didactic strategies based on digital media in initial and continuing training starting in 2017 under the “Digital Media in Vocational Training” programme. We are currently designing the “Educational Campaign for the Digital Knowledge Society” to provide digital education in Germany with a comprehensive framework for action.

Resources for research funding under the Federal Government’s new High-Tech Strategy will be equally increased: 55 million euros – an increase of about 15 percent compared to the previous year – have been made available for the targeted support of research at universities of applied sciences.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched a set of measures to quickly respond to the challenges related to the integration of migrants. These measures also help implement key elements of the joint integration strategy of the Federal Government and the Länder. Under this strategy, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research focuses on language learning and the identification of competences and potentials as well as access to vocational education and training and higher education. Furthermore, funding is provided for research projects to enhance our knowledge of migration and integration.