Green Talents

Since 2009 the annual "Green Talents - International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development" honors young scientists working in the field of environmental and sustainability research.

The German Federal Government recognizes global warming, energy shortages, resource scarcity, and massive environmental contamination as some of the biggest global challenges of today. When dealing with these issues, the Federal Research Ministry believes in cultural plurality and creativity to encourage the development of global solutions. This international approach is supported by the annual Green Talents competition, focusing on young outstanding minds active in the field of environmental and sustainability research.

Since 2009 a high-ranking jury of German experts from academia and industry select the “Green Talents” amongst a numerous number of applicants according to their scientific excellence and innovative research potentials. Open to a broad spectrum of disciplines from chemistry to urban planning the competition invites young scientists to participate in a ten-day science forum in Germany. Here they visit hot spots of sustainability research and gain first hand information about the country’s renowned research landscape. These visits also lay the foundation for the establishment of international research cooperation in the future.

Moreover, the Green Talents are given the unique opportunity to conduct a research stay of up to three months at an institution of their choice the year following the forum. This enables the participants to learn about sustainability research in Germany while building up or strengthening their professional networks. Both the science forum and the research stay are funded by the BMBF.

By being awarded as a Green Talent, the young scientists become ambassadors of sustainable research in their home countries. In addition, they receive access to a growing, exclusive international network of international High-Potentials. The award is embedded within the FONA-framework programme and therefore supports the goals of intensifying international cooperation in the field of sustainable development.