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Food is how you make it

Training for sustainability in the skilled food trades

Sustainability in vocational education and training: young people and their trainers fulfil an important function in the sustainable development of our society and its future. Sustainability concerns us all – ecologically, socially, and economically. It has a key function in both small-scale and industrial food production. So what can sustainability look like in the food sector?

8 pages / , Order No: 31578

Language: English

Last update: 07/2020

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Sustainability in Everyday Working Life

Vocational Training for Sustainable Development

The brochure highlights the practical relevance of vocational training for sustainable development. It presents concrete examples to help stakeholders in companies, vocational schools, chambers of crafts, trade associations, industrial organizations and the interested public gain a better understanding of the importance of vocational training for sustainable development in everyday working life. Instructors and trainees, teachers at vocational schools and company owners describe their experience with project work under the "Vocational Training for Sustainable Development" funding priority.

24 pages / brochure, Order No: 31186

Language: English

Last update: 01/2019

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Sustainable action – in trade and commerce

Tips for (training) practice

The booklet shows trainers and apprentices alike how easy it is to convey and gain sustainability skills in practice. Trainers and vocational education experts provide practical tips for training in the commercial occupations. The statements given result from the BIBB funding for "Vocational Education and Training for Sustainable Development 2015 – 2019 (BBNE 2015 -2019)", one of the funding activities of the BMBF to implement the recommendations of the "National Action Plan for Education for Sustainable Development".

7 pages / brochure, Order No: 31411

Language: English

Last update: 07/2018

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