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The Flexible Electrical Networks Research Campus (Einleger 3)

Research Campus – Public-Private Partnership for Innovation

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is supporting large-scale, long-term approaches to single-site cooperation between science and industry under its "Research Campus – Public-Private Partnership for Innovation" funding initiative. Nine research campuses are being funded: ARENA2036 e.V., Digital Photonic Production (DPP), Flexible Electricity Networks (FEN), InfectoGnostics, M²OLIE, Mobility2Grid, MODAL, Open Hybrid LabFactory and STIMULATE. The funding initiative’s brochure is complemented by a flyer insert on each of the research campuses.

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Language: English

Last update: 07/2017

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Der Forschungscampus Flexible Elektrische Netze (Einleger 3)

Forschungscampus – öffentlich-private Partnerschaft für Innovationen

In diesem Einleger geht es um den Forschungscampus Flexible Elektrische Netze (FEN) in Aachen. Er gehört zu neun weiteren Einlegern, die den Flyer "Förderinitiative Forschungscampus" komplettieren. Der Forschungscampus FEN hat zum Ziel, innovative Technologien für zukünftige elektrische Netze zu entwickeln.

2 pages / flyer,

Language: German

Last update: 02/2017

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