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Bioeconomy in Germany

Opportunities for a bio-based and sustainable future

Scarce resources, the growing world population, and ongoing climate change present industry and society with major challenges. In the future, we will require new economic forms to maintain our prosperity and to enable responsible handling of our resources. One key issue accordingly emerges: How can we combine economic growth with sustainability?

100 pages / brochure, Order No: 31106

Language: English

Last update: 11/2015

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Food for Billions

Research activities of the Federal Government of Germany as a contribution towards global food security

In the “Food for Billions” brochure, the Federal Government describes its research initiatives to contribute towards providing sufficient and healthy food worldwide. Ensuring global food security takes highest priority under the “National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030”. Further focuses are on healthy and safe food as well as on sustainable agriculture and measures to strengthen environmental and animal protection. The 60-page brochure with its many photos and illustrations describes current and future challenges: These include the steady increase in the world’s population, the limited areas under cultivation and climate change. At the same time, nutrition-related diseases are on the increase, the number of overweight people is rising worldwide. The brochure illustrates how research initiatives are developing solutions in many different areas and is aimed at an interested lay public.

57 pages / brochure, Order No: 31081

Language: English

Last update: 12/2014

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Report on Vocational Education and Training 2015

The Report on Vocational Education and Training is published annually and informs about current developments on the training market. It outlines the Federal Government’s priorities in the field of vocational training policy and provides information about major activities and programmes. The 2015 Report on Vocational Education and Training is published in German, English and French.

128 pages / brochure,

Language: English

Last update: 04/2015

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