International research cooperations on green hydrogen

A new announcement of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provides the basis for funding international research collaborations dealing with the forward-looking topic of “Green Hydrogen”.

International Research Cooperation Green Hydrogen
International Research Cooperation Green Hydrogen © BMBF

BMBF investing in international hydrogen cooperation

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research plans to advance research on green hydrogen along the entire value chain. Effective long-term links between the German research community and potential partners within and outside Europe are key to achieving this goal. The announcement of regulations for funding research projects, networks and partnerships of German universities, non-university research institutions and companies enables the establishment of such links. It provides the basis for elaborating tailored funding proposals in cooperation with international partners.

“As a hub of innovation, Germany can play a leading role in the development and export of hydrogen technologies. International partnerships within Europe and throughout the world are expected to provide major impetus. This is why the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has introduced the new approach of this announcement to support the establishment of international green hydrogen research and innovation cooperation.”

Dr Stefan Kaufmann, MdB

Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The funded projects will contribute to

  • Encouraging international research cooperation
  • Delivering research along the entire innovation and value chain
  • Involving German stakeholders in international scientific debate
  • Raising Germany’s profile as a hub of research and innovation in international competition
  • Establishing lasting international science and innovation networks
  • Maintaining and improving Germany’s scientific and industrial performance
  • Closing gaps in research, development and innovation expertise in German science and industry

Funding will be provided for activities to establish research projects, networks and partnerships between Germany and one or more partner countries along the entire hydrogen value chain.

The following measures will be funded:

International networking and exploratory measures including research components

Funding of international projects to identify the potential for cooperation, prepare new partnerships or specific cooperation projects and expand existing partnerships

International pilot research projects (including optional industry involvement)

Funding of international research projects which primarily aim to advance R&D cooperation of German institutions with international partners

International collaborative research projects with partners from science and industry (2+2)

Funding of research projects involving one higher education/non-university research institution and one company respectively on both the German and the foreign side.

Internationalization of regional innovation clusters and networks

Funding of the elaboration of internationalization schemes for regional innovation clusters or networks which are located in Germany.

Scientific centres of excellence

Funding of the establishment of sustainable cross-border institutional partnerships and centres of excellence in Germany and/or the partner country.

Technology collaborations between industry and science as part of EUREKA

Funding of research projects which can be assigned to one or several of the fields of action of the announcement in European and international cooperation with partners from the target countries. The object of funding can also be supplemented by current EUREKA calls within the thematic scope of this announcement.

Scientific support project

Funding of a cross-cutting scientific support project studying the impact of the measures in the modules on the hydrogen sector in Germany as well as on activities in the partner countries.

For details please see the full text of the announcement (available for download from the menu on the right).

Specific funding calls

After its publication in March 2021, the announcement will provide the basis for specific funding calls. For details of the funding calls (e.g. partner countries and exact duration as well as type, scope and rates of funding), see section “Funding calls”.

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