Middle East and Africa

Germany's education and research cooperation with countries in Africa and the Middle East has a long tradition. One focus of the Federal Government's Internationalization Strategy is on cooperation with developing and emerging countries.

Afrika und Naher Osten
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The Ministry is involved in major transregional initiatives in Africa and the Middle East. Cooperation focuses on topics which are of key importance in societies facing common global challenges: health, nutrition, climate, water and energy as well as local capacity building, innovation and employability.

In addition to longstanding science cooperation with countries such as Egypt, South Africa and Jordan, scientific and technological cooperation agreements have been concluded with Tunisia, Morocco and the Palestinian Territories.

What the countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East have in common is their closeness to Europe. Despite considerable differences in size, form of government and natural resources, Northern African and Arab countries are all very concerned about the future of their younger generation. A shortage of jobs for young people means a lack of economic security for large sections of the population. Increasing investment in education, science and research can be a key to solving this problem. This is where cooperation projects with German partners can help.

Excellent bilateral relations are often supplemented by networks at European level.