Cooperation focuses on projects in the fields of energy and water supply, food production, environment and climate change. In addition, there are scientific projects concerning the Moroccan urban design, textile and tourism industries.

The joint German-Moroccan programme PMARS promotes cooperation between German and Moroccan institutions in the areas of education, research and technology. Both sides are supporting not only new but also existing partnerships in fields of mutual interest such as environmental research, renewable energy and health research. A call for proposals was published in 2012, as a result of which 19 projects received funding for up to three years. Another call is planned for 2015. New partnerships are expected to increase synergy in joint priority areas and to support junior researchers in particular.

In addition to bilateral cooperation, Germany and Morocco are also jointly involved in EU projects such as the 'Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research and Innovation Gateway - MED-SPRING'. This project promotes a research and innovation dialogue between the European Union and the Mediterranean countries and helps intensify regional cooperation as a part of European Neighbourhood Policy.

As regards joint scientific publications, Germany is among Morocco's most important partners after France, Spain and the USA. Furthermore, Germany supports measures to strengthen Moroccan graduates' employability.