Palestinian Territories

The German Federal Government has intensified its relations with the Palestinian Territories and supports the two-state solution. Cooperation at ministerial level was agreed with the Federal Education Ministry in 2014.

View of Ramallah © Thinkstock/Sanchezgrande

The Ministry's aim in developing cooperation with the Palestinian Territories is to support young researchers in particular and to contribute to capacity building. Another aim is science diplomacy to encourage transborder exchanges and networking of researchers and contribute to stabilization of the political situation.

From Jerusalem to Jülich and back again – Joint Master's and doctoral training

The German Federal Education Ministry and its Palestinian partner ministry organized their first joint workshop in Ramallah in 2011 in order to identify and discuss research priorities of mutual interest. As a result, institutional partnerships were established, for example between Forschungszentrum Jülich and Al-Quds University in Eastern Jerusalem. Both sides have cooperated actively in Master's and doctoral training in the natural sciences since 2012. This approach will also be applied to further interested Palestinian universities.

Prospects of sustainable cooperation

Both sides have been engaged in intensifying their cooperation in education, science and research since the ministerial agreement was signed in 2014. In particular, they aim to promote the mobility of Palestinian students, doctoral candidates and researchers and give them access to international scientific exchanges and networks. Another aim is to help build and strengthen the necessary research infrastructures at Palestinian higher education and research institutions in order to enable their autonomous further development over the long term.

Publication of the first joint call for proposals with the Palestinian Territories is planned for the second half of 2015.