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    GlobE – Research for the global food supply

    Securing the global food supply is a central aim of the National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030. The BMBF launched the funding initiative "Securing the Global Food Supply" to support the global development of sustainable, high-output agriculture.

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    Horizon 2020 – The European Research Framework Programme

    Research and innovation take priority in Europe. They are an important part of European integration and a matter of great interest in Germany. The new "Horizon 2020" framework programme sets out to create sustainable growth and viable jobs in Europe.

  • International Affairs


    The cooperation between Germany and Israel  includes the EU's research framework programmes in which Israel has been participating since 1996.

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    Welcome to Germany

    Germany is meeting the challenges of global competition while creating secure and sustainable jobs for the future.

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    Maria Sibylla Merian Centres

    The Federal Research Ministry is driving forward the internationalization of the humanities, cultural and social sciences through its international research centres, the Maria Sibylla Merian Centres for Advanced Studies.

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    BMBF Foresight

    BMBF Foresight is a strategic instrument of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) that provides technology foresight and the determination of future societal needs in terms of research and development.

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    Environment and Climate

    The Federal Government is committed to progressing the Energy Transition in Germany, stopping climate change, and raising awareness for the importance of sustainability for ecology, economy and society.

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    High-Tech Strategy 2025

    From a nation of inventors to a nation of innovators: a history of progress with an eye on the future.

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    Energy and Economy

    Renewable energy, sustainable mobility, demographic change: the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting sustainable development in the economy and society with two framework programmes and a number of funding measures.

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    Clusters - Networks - International

    Innovation and value-creation chains are becoming progressively globalised. Global challenges and innovation opportunities have to be tackled by cooperation with international partners from science and economy.